How to save Pinboard articles to Dropbox

Pinboard is a great online bookmark service, with plenty of features and multi platform apps and hooks. The Sweet Setup website have an excellent guide for starting on using the service and its possibilities.

Apart the standard features, Pinboard offers a premium account type, which cost $25 a year and provides an useful feature, Bookmark Archiving. With this feature, the full pages your bookmarks refers are saved on the Pinboard’s servers, so you can access and do full-text searches on them, even if the original page is not alive anymore.

Combining some Pinboard features and external services, we can achieve similar functionality. Let’s store the full text content of every new Pinboard bookmark in a specified folder of a Dropbox account.

What we need:

We’ll make IFTTT read Pinboard’s RSS feeds, passing any new URL through Marky and saving the result Markdown .txt file to Dropbox.

Selecting the feed

You can select with high level of granularity which bookmarks have their contents saved to Dropbox. Pinboard generates the RSS feed for almost any categorization possible on the service, so you can choose to save just bookmarks with some specific tag, or just the starred ones, or all of them. For this example, let’s get all.

Selecting the “all” view, just copy the link to the feed on the right:

It should be something like


You should create a new recipe on IFTTT. Be sure to select the “Feed” channel, not the “Pinboard” channel for the “this” part of the recipe. As the trigger, select “New Feed Item”, and put your selected feed URL on the correct field. For the “that” section, select your already configured Dropbox channel, and the action “Add file from URL”. Now, this is the moment where you’ll pass the URL from the Pinboard feed through the Markdownifier, and save the results to Dropbox. Enter on “File URL”:{% raw %}{{EntryUrl}}{% endraw %}

On “File Name”:

{% raw %}{{EntryTitle}}{% endraw %}

And in “Dropbox folder path”, your folder for saving the text files, in my case, “Pinboard/”.


At this point, you should be receiving text files with bookmarked article contents some minutes after adding them to Pinboard. If you just want to save your bookmarks, and not their contents, there are other ways to do this. I’m sure there are other ways to save all content, (including subscribing to the premium Pinboard service), but I think this is the simplest, if you don’t have any problems with using a third party service acessing both your Pinboard and your Dropbox accounts.